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Renegade Lemonade (750ml)

Renegade Lemonade (750ml)

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Our 100% lemon wine has perfectly combined the zesty flavor of lemons with the sophistication of wine, offering a delightful experience and a welcome twist on traditional beverages. Renegade Lemonade is light, crisp and refreshing with an exquisite balance of tart and sweet. Think sophisticated, adult lemonade. The unique blend of flavors creates a harmonious balance that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more. Served chilled or as a cocktail Renegade Lemonade will become your must-have beverage for any gathering.

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Customer Reviews

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St Auggie Wine Festival

Tried this at the St Augustine Wine Festival. They mentioned it was the perfect drink for the summer. They were not lying. This Wine was perfect. I could think of so many ways to use it as a base for other drinks but it was perfect as is.
Highly recommend!

Lemon wine—- terrific

Food and Wine Show St Aug- wow lemon not too sweet not to tart… just right… thanks for participating!


I was introduced to this wine and was hooked after the first sip. This lemon wine is OH, SO REFRESHING. Thank goodness it is sold in Valdosta Ga

Summer in a bottle

Hands down one of the best wines ever! Its delicious room temperature, cold, and as a spirit in mixed drinks. The perfect gift also especially for Mothers Day. It is a sweet, lemon wine so it may not be for those dry wine drinkers. But I would still recommend grabbing a bottle or twelve lol

I love
A delightful, refreshing expereince

I am not a big wine drinker and certainly the idea of lemon wine was foreign to me as I am sure it is relatively unknown to many of you. Run, do not walk, to add this beverage to your collection. What a surprising flavor profile. Wonderful with food and as awesome outside on the hot days of summer as it is when the temps dip. Dont forget to create your favorite mixed drinks that call for lemons, it will kick it up many notches! Enjoy!