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River City Live - Sippable Summer Cocktails with Renegade Lemonade

River City Live - Sippable Summer Cocktails with Renegade Lemonade

Established in 2020, Renegade Lemonade finds its roots in the basement of Alex and Brady Reiter in Dallas, GA. These two individuals, fueled by a shared love for wine and ample time, embarked on an ambitious journey: transforming lemons into wine. Renegade Lemonade emerged as the fruit of this endeavor, born from the notion of celebrating and elevating the humble lemon.

Renegade Lemonade distinguishes itself as the pioneer and sole producer of wine crafted entirely from lemons, eschewing traditional grapes. Its character is marked by a light, crisp profile, offering a refreshing interplay of tartness and sweetness. Whether enjoyed on its own or incorporated into imaginative cocktails, Renegade Lemonade lends a touch of refinement to any occasion.

Despite lacking formal winemaking experience, Alex and Brady leveraged their collective backgrounds and fervor to cultivate Renegade Lemonade into a burgeoning global enterprise. Brady’s culinary expertise, honed through managing a gourmet restaurant and navigating the realms of cloud computing and cybersecurity, melds seamlessly with Alex’s tenure as a college professor specializing in Public Speaking and Communication. Together with their four daughters, two cats, and two dogs, including the namesake Renegade, they call Dallas, GA home, where Renegade Lemonade continues to thrive and expand.

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